Protecting customer privacy is very important to AUTOFORUM20.GR. This page clearly outlines company policy to help customers understand how personal information is acquired, used, and protected on the AUTOFORUM Rent a Car website (hereafter referred to as “this website”).

Personal Information Provided by Our Customers

AUTOFORUM asks customers to give their name, date of birth, gender, address, phone number, email address, and driver’s license number in order for the company to provide information about our products and services. In addition, when providing information to customers, there are instances when we ask for personal details other than those listed above, but such non-essential information is only obtained after customer consent has been given.

IP Address, Cookies, and Web Beacons

To manage this website, AUTOFORUM gathers the IP addresses used by customers’ computers when connected to the Internet. IP addresses collected by our Web server are used only for the appropriate and safe management and operation of services offered on this website, preventing unauthorized access and, in the event of a problem with our Web server, making it possible to quickly identify and remedy the cause. These IP addresses are never used or disclosed as personal information. Information collected by AUTOFORUM to assess customer use of our services is never utilized for identifying individuals or disclosed in any form. When deemed necessary, however, individuals may be identified and countermeasures implemented using IP addresses to protect the website and AUTOFORUM’s customers.

Our company makes use of cookies and web beacon technologies in order to trace the route that customers took to visit our website, record the activities of customers on our website, and evaluate and improve our website in order to make it more useful to customers. We do not use cookies or web beacon technologies to record information related to individual customers, so information about specific customers is never stored or used. The browser that you are using can be set to reject cookies, or to alert you when cookies have been sent.

In some cases, our company’s cookies may be stored and advertisements may be transmitted via third parties (or other websites), based on entrustment to third parties (or other websites) that we have commissioned for the distribution of advertisements. Customers can disable the usage of cookies by deleting them.

SSL (Security)

This website protects customer privacy by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, industry-standard security that encrypts information sent over the Internet) to ensure secure transmission of personal information via this website. Personal information is automatically encrypted before it is sent when customers use a browser compatible with SSL.

Use of Personal Information

The intended use of personal information is stated on every Web page where customers are expected to register it. AUTOFORUM never uses such information for purposes other than those stated.

Disclosing Personal Information to a Third Party and Secondary Use of Personal Information

There are instances which may require personal information to be shared with a third party, depending on the type of service requested by the customer via this website. In such cases, customers will be informed that personal information will be shared with a third party, before being requested to give their consent to disclose such information. (For example, personal information is passed on to the appropriate car rental agency when making reservations, and information such as names and addresses are given to postal services to send materials to customers.)
Aside from the instances above, AUTOFORUM never shares personal customer information with a third party without first obtaining the customer’s consent. However, information may be shared without first consulting the customer, in such cases where it is deemed necessary in order to protect life or human rights in emergencies, or in cooperation with a request from public authorities such as courts or law enforcement agencies in accordance with laws and ordinances.

Managing Personal Information

AUTOFORUM strictly manages personal information received from customers via this website in order to prevent loss or defamation. In addition, personal information is protected in an environment accessible only by the system administrator of this website. AUTOFORUM implements strict security measures to prevent leaks to third parties or the unauthorized alteration of data.
In the event that services related to the operation of this website, or to the use and management of personal information, are subcontracted, AUTOFORUM strictly oversees and manages the handling of personal information by subcontractors.

Customer Responsibility

This website contains links to other websites. It is the customer’s responsibility to ascertain the privacy policies of external links.
Customers use this website at their own discretion. AUTOFORUM assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any harm arising from the use of any information obtained in exchange for personal information from external websites linked to this website.