We provide two types of insurance:
1) Dual insurance with customers charge ( included in the price of renting)

The amount of customer charge in case of accident per category of vehicles is as follows:
Vehicles Category B -amount charge 350 €
Vehicles Category C -amount charge 400 €
Vehicles Category D -amount charge 500 €
Vehicles Category E -amount charge 600 €
Vehicles Category F – amount charge 650 €

Vehicles Category G & I VAN-amount charge 1000€
AutoForum is trying to keep the cost of renting lower so we provide the Dual Insurance with customer’s charge. When is caused a damage in the car, with culpability of customer, the customer is overloaded superior up to the amount charge of the vehicle’s category that he

selected. In the event that the cost of damage is smaller of the charge, he is only overloaded the cost of damage.
When the customer is not responsible for accident with other vehicle, the cost of damage it’s not overloaded. The unique proof of responsibility or not of the customer is a signed and sealed document by the Traffic Police.
After you fill in the date of recipient and return of the car in our web page, you can also change the type of insurance in 100% full insurance without any charge. After the change, will be estimated the new cost, so you can compare it with the previous one.

100% Full insurance without charge

If you prefer the 100% full insurance 100% without charge, you are absolute covered in all damages even you are responsible for, without charge.
The insurance covers all kinds of damage from accidents, theft, burglary, fire, natural destructions, and vandalisms. The cost of 100% full insurance is 3 € per day for B’C’ Category and 4.00€ for any other category of renting in addition the cost of renting.
In the case of accident the customer is obligated to inform us immediately in the telephone numbers 0030 6940 720 002 which is also entered in the contract. Our company is going to inform the Police. In case of engine damage the customer is obligated to remain in the vehicle until the Road assistance come. In case of engine damage AutoForum is obligated to replace the vehicle of one other of the same category in 24 hours.


The insurance companies are not cover:
• If you drive in not asphalt streets
• If the driver has not been reported in the contract
• If the damage/accident were caused under influence of use of alcoholic drinks, medicines or narcotics.
• For damage in the interior of vehicle, concretely:
Burning by cigarettes, damage of seats, lounge, damage from pets, damage in the internal equipment because of bad use, excessive filth.
If at the beginning of renting exists damage in the vehicle from previous customer that has not been corrected, this will be recorded to your own guarantee in the contract.

In case of accident you will notify us immediately in the telephone number 0030 6940720 002 which is also entered in the contract.